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Did You Ever Have a Blockbuster Account? Read This Now.
Blockbuster Video Prepares to Close, for Good.

Did You Ever Have a Blockbuster Account? Read This Now.

If you had an open Blockbuster video account in the last few years you need to go to your local Blockbuster store right away before they close for good and ask for a printout of your account showing no money owed.

In 2009 Hollywood Video closed and tens of thousands of consumers who rented at those stores, including employees, were sent to collection for fees and charges they did not owe. That situation eventually wound up in a massive national Attorney Generals’ settlement but it still complicated the lives of many.

Those people were charged for movies they had returned, late fees they never incurred, and other charges that there was no way for them to prove they didn’t owe.

Let’s learn from the lessons of the Hollywood Video closures and become a closed video store prepper. Be super smart and get the proof now that you don’t owe any money or prepare to potentially wind up in collections as the alleged Blockbuster accounts receivable is sold as part of the bankruptcy process.

And while you might be able to fight any bogus charges that a future collection company may attempt to get, wouldn’t it just be flat out easier to have a statement of your account from Blockbuster before they lock their doors? Damn right it would.

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