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Did Jason Terrell Martin Die Because of Satan?

801 Carrington Drive after the fire.

WARNING: This not our usual fun-loving upbeat story but it is one which we accidentally became involved with and wanted to follow to try to understand why this all happened. On January 11, 2014 an unusual tragedy unfolded in north Raleigh which resulted in significant fire damage to a family home, a burned Catholic church, and the loss of a ... Read More »

Your Help is Needed to Understand Tragic Jason Martin Suicide

801 Carrington Drive sits empty and destroyed in more ways than one.

Last weekend there was a very sad tragedy that involved a local area family and our community. The moment of the event has been covered already here and by local media, here and here. What we didn’t know at the time of our visit to the church fire was it was just a part of a larger situation unfolding. See ... Read More »

Saint Luke Catholic Church Hellish This Morning With Fire

Saint Luke Catholic Church Scene in Raleigh

At 2:26 AM this morning a fire alarm went off and then the call went out for a fire in Saint Luke the Evangelist Catholic Church just down the road from the Bay Leaf Fire Department. The church is located at 12333 Bayleaf Church Road, Raleigh. In what seemed like a scene straight out of a twisted mystery movie we ... Read More »