Fox attack sparks concern for North Raleigh man


— Two days after a rabid fox attacked one person and threatened two others, a North Raleigh man is concerned by the family of foxes living in his backyard.

“Since the report of the woman being bitten I have become very concerned,” said Gary Randall.

Randall says a family of foxes dug holes beneath a storage unit in his backyard and often come near his home.

“The foxes and their kits were all standing outside,” he said. “There was the adult male within five feet of my backdoor.”

Randall called the city’s animal control and the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, but was told they could not help.

“I was told to come out with some pots and pans and bang them together to scare them away, and that is not protection for me,” he said.

According to state law, foxes cannot be killed except during hunting season with a permit, unless the fox is aggressive, biologist Ann May said.

“Seeing a fox, or having a fox on your property, is not an immediate cause for alarm,” May said. “The animal control are the folks to call and they are able to react under public health and safety situations.”

Randall said he hoped for a different response.

“What I would hope is that animal control would be proactive rather than reactive,” he said.

Wildlife officials recommend the following to prevent conflicts with foxes:

  • Don’t attempt to approach or pet a fox
  • Don’t feed the fox or any wild animal
  • Secure garbage in containers
  • Feed pets indoors or remove food
  • Keep bird-feeder areas clean
  • Close off crawl spaces under sheds, porches, decks and home
  • Secure pets
  • Install fox-proof fencing
  • Yell, bang pots and pans or set off legal fireworks
  • Clear fallen fruit from around trees
  • Educate your neighbors

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