3 Ways to Beat This Ridiculous Heat

It’s flippin’ hot outside y’all! Here are some fool proof ways to cope:

1. Redneck Swimming Pool: Not everyone has the luxury of their own pool or access to a community pool. Even if you do, most pools start to feel like bath water after a few consecutive days of intense heat and no rain. The solution: The Redneck Swimming Pool. All you need is a truck, a tarp and water.

2. Fire Hydrant Fun: No sprinkler? No problem. Contact your local fire department, find out the hydrant flushing schedule and show up in your skivvies.

3. Popsicle Panties: Speaking of skivvies, try freezing your unmentionables. Simply place your underwear in the freezer at night and shimmy them on in the morning. Go about your day as usual.

There you have it folks, three completely acceptable ways to beat this ridiculous heat from Raleigh News Today.

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