Badass Wake Forest Fire Department Helps Kick Four Fires at Once

Do you know how damn lucky we are to live within the area served by the Wake Forest Fire Department? Never let it be said WFFD let’s any moss grow under their boots.

On August 13, 2013 the Wake Forest Fire Department, who I shall now refer to as the ultimate fire badasses, were dispatched to not one, not two, not three, but four structure fires within a 15 minute window.

You’d think when the fourth call rolled in some supervisor turned to look at the speaker and said, “Seriously?”

Wake Forest Clapton Drive Bedroom Fire August 13, 2013
Wake Forest Clapton Drive Bedroom Fire August 13, 2013

One fire was on Clapton Drive and the aftermath of lightning striking the house. An upstairs bedroom caught on fire. WFFD Engine #3 was the first to arrive. I’m sure crews found some totally freaked out homeowners and oh yes, some smoke and fire torching one of the bedrooms.

WFFD firefighter taking names. Fire Ass kicking was already over.
WFFD firefighter taking names. Fire ass kicking was already over.

Oh Crap! Trifle Lane house fire.
Oh Crap! Trifle Lane house fire.
A house on Trifle Lane was also struck by lightning and as you can see, the roof, the roof, the roof was on fire!

Wake Forest Fire Department then rolled up on scene on Trifle Lane. Stony Hill Fire Department arrived first. The rear portion of the roof and part of the third floor was on fire, according the The Wake Weekly, a much better newspaper.

At the same time fire departments all over the area were scrambling to respond to the four nearly simultaneous structure fire calls. It was like a fire rave going on.

Thanks to Wake Forest, Rolesville, Stony Hill, Bay Leaf, and New Hope fire departments, everything was handled with professional skill.

Chief Ron Early from the Wake Forest Fire Department said, “We were fortunate that Rolesville, Stony Hill, Bay Leak, and New Hope were able to assist with the calls. The crews fought through some of the hardest rain and wind to accomplish their mission, they never complained and there were no injuries as a result of the weather.”

See, I told you they were total badasses.

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