Summer campers battle high temperatures

Imagine enduring the recent high temperatures and being at a camp with no air conditioning. That’s the reality for campers at Camp Kanata.

The camp, which is in Wake Forest, does have other safety measures in place to keep the kids cool and safe.

Not all of the buildings are without air conditioning on the campsite, but there is no central air conditioning in the cabins where campers sleep.

”Our cabins are rustic. They’re not air-conditioned,” camp director Shane Brown said. “Most of our campers will bring a clip-on fan that clips right next to them, and there’s outlets at every bed.”

The cabins also have box and ceiling fans, in addition to large exhaust fans in corners of the rooms.

There are other measures in place at Camp Kanata to help campers cool down on extremely hot days, including making sure everyone is drinking plenty of water.

The camp has hydration stations located around the campgrounds to help. Staffers also extend swim time and have campers spend extra time inside during the day by increasing their rest periods.

In case campers are affected by the heat, there are two nurses available around the clock, and counselors don’t hesitate in going to them for heat-related trouble.

“If campers ever feel dizzy, light headed or have a headache, we take them to the nurse and make sure they are hydrated right away,” camp counselor Scott Kreis said.

Brown said they’ve also switched out juice for Gatorade at lunchtime as another way to keep campers hydrated.

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