Wake Forest Police Department Cruiser Too Sexy for Work

I don’t know if you’ve paid attention lately but the Wake Forest PD vehicles have been getting super sexy. And that’s not just me saying that, they cruiser design even won an award. Yes, they do have awards for these things.

Law & Order: The magazine for police management
Law & Order: The magazine for police management
Who knows, maybe this sexy as hell award winning design will help stop some jacked up twerp perp from running.

We can only imagine the conversation in the early morning hours on a weekend night.

“Let’s get out of here Jimmy. Here come the po po!”

“But damn, look at that fine ride, hold up. I want to take a closer look,”

Wake Forest Police Chief Jeff Leonard said, “This is especially exciting because the new design incorporated comments and suggestions by all of our officers and staff, so this was truly a team effort.”

The judges said: “This car is sharp! Its universal graphic is very eye-appealing. We especially like that the design fits two different vehicles. It looks great on both makes and models. The black and gold color scheme is dramatic.”

Hopefully we can get some Wake Forest perps to appreciate a ride in the new stylin’ cruiser.

Look, I don’t know about you but someone in a wife beater tank top and a pair of cutoff denim shorts would look pretty damn fly in that thing. Just sayin’.

Maybe we can offer free bottled water with a really long straw to all passengers as an incentive to “get yo ass in.”

The only thing I can think of that would make the inside any nicer for some of the occupants would be if this sign was on the inside.

Official WFPD Notice

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