WFFD Snuffs One on Stirrup Court

At 12:20 pm on August 25, 2013 the alarms rang all over the Wake Forest Fire Department locations, rustling everyone away from a much deserved lunch.

A house on Stirrup Court was on fire. The call for the brave troops of the Wake Forest Fire Department was issued.

What apparently began as an innocent smoke break, turned into a hell of a hot wet mess. Melted siding and all. The fire marshal stated the blaze was caused by “discarded smoking materials.”

I am all too familiar with such an incident. My daughter caught her deck on fire by extinguishing her cigarette in an old flower pot. After she left, the pot began to smolder and burn. It burned a hole clean through the deck and she was lucky she didn’t wind up with a Stirrup Court scenario. Whew! By the way, my daughter quit smoking that day because of the fire and has never smoked again.

Am I sensing some interest in nicotine gum on Stirrup Court?

“Wolferfberger has left the building.” If you listen to the whole recording of the radio traffic from the fire department you’ll understand the reference.

The recording is fascinating, just like being there. Unfortunately there is a lot of the recording I can’t understand. I’m just not that fluent in good ol’ boy yet.

But in all fairness, if I had my face stuck in a mask in a burning attic and wearing 40 pounds of gear, you probably wouldn’t be able to understand me either. Except for “Helpppppp!”

Enjoy the slides from the event below.

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Map of the structure fire location.

[googlemap src=”,+wake+forest,+nc&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x89ac5105cbd2a2f7:0x13e63050a12bde3e,2804+Stirrup+Ct,+Wake+Forest,+NC+27587&gl=us&ei=Ho8fUuPSMPWusQT96IHQCg&ved=0CCsQ8gEwAA” width=”100%” align=”aligncenter” ]

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