Wake Forest Shopping Find – Zombie Shooting Targets

We are always keeping our eyes open for the weird or unusual items available around town. Today we have something you would not expect to find, zombie shooting targets. Yes, you read that right, zombie shooting targets.

Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.

But please do us a favor and do not decorate your kids room with these. Sigh, someone probably already has.

So next time you are headed off to blow a bunch of money out the end of a metal barrel at the gun range, AKA backyard, consider pulling out $11.99 for the assortment pack of fine art zombie targets.

Remember when cans and bottles made for fun targets? You are so old.

Zombie Shooting Targets
Zombie Shooting Targets

If you look closely, buyers are extra lucky, it’s even an assorted pack for all your zombie shooting needs. You’ll have to pick the bullseye though. So many choices.

The company website has this to say about the targets.

Practice your Zombie-stopping skills with this new line-up of fun and engaging reactive targets. Using vivid, movie-quality, digital imagery—no other Zombie targets on the market are quite like them.

Equipped with VisiColor technology, the heads of each Zombie react to reveal a radiation green color and Zombie bodies react in fluorescent yellow upon positive hits. Misses and accidental hits to hostages react in white.

So what color do the zombie bodies react in with a negative hit? Now we are just being snarky.

The marketing says “no other Zombie targets on the market are quite like them.” Which makes us want to know the market selection and size for zombie shooting targets.

“What did you do at work today Daddy?

“Great news, after years of struggle I finally managed to become number one in the zombie shooting target niche honey.”

You remember that lady who shot herself in the hand at Staples last week? She would have been better off with a set of these instead of her hand as an eventual target. Her positive hit reacted in red. So old school.

Zombie Shooting Targets Assorted Pack
Zombie Shooting Targets Assorted Pack

The package says these targets are “fun, thrilling and imaginative” and they are “movie quality.” Interesting descriptions. Not ones you’d expect to see.

In case you were hoping for the assortment pack with “Heavy Metal Defense,” “Charlie the Chomper,” and “Hatchet Help,” you’re in luck. They are all included.  Too bad “Frankie the Fugly” isn’t in there as well. That would have made it a collector edition.

And if you believe the package, when you use these you’ll shoot better and have fun. We’ll see.

Let’s not forget, they are made in the USA. As if that’s the tipping point to deciding to buy them.

“Hey Jane, it’s OK. The zombie shooting targets are made in the USA and not over there in China. Can I grab three packs?”

If you want some of these, check Toney Ace Hardware in Youngsville.

Head straight down the center aisle and they are back on the right. Let’s just hope they are not sold out by the time you get there.

If you want to have fun, run in the door breathless and say, “Quick, I need 19 packs of your zombie shooting targets. It’s an emergency!”

[googlemap src=”https://maps.google.com/maps?ie=UTF-8&q=ace+hardware+youngsville&fb=1&gl=us&hq=ace+hardware&hnear=0x89ac529c33313e87:0xb17abbbbca16abf9,Youngsville,+NC&cid=0,0,16729369645459696330&ei=UI8iUs6oBs_YsAT0i4GQAg&ved=0CJMBEPwSMAo” width=”100%” align=”aligncenter” ]

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