Zimm the macaque captured after 3 days on the loose

— A small, “very spirited” monkey that escaped its enclosure at the Memphis Zoo has been captured.

Multiple media reports say that zoo workers spotted Zimm the 3-year-old macaque inside a drainage system on the eastern side of the zoo Saturday morning.

Memphis Zoo Director of Animal Programs Matt Thompson says the monkey is now safe and secure after an “all-zoo effort” to find her.

After Zimm escaped her enclosure Thursday, she found shelter in drainage pipes underneath the zoo. Senior veterinarian Felicia Knight called Zimm a “very spirited monkey.”

Zimm was being examined by the veterinarian staff, and will have a brief stay in the zoo’s hospital before returning to her enclosure.

The monkey’s escape resulted in a Twitter account that racked up more than 1,500 followers.

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