Cannizzaro’s Pizzeria is Fantastic

Cannizzaro’s is the latest occupant of one of the cutest local places to eat in Wake Forest. The dinning room, if you can call it that, can probably hold a total of 30 people but that’s just fine.

While the food here is fantastic, it’s a wonderful place to go for the brick walls and old wood floors, as well. Feels like you are stepping back in time, but with a health inspection.

For those that like thinner crust on the pizza there is a selection for you. And for those that like hearty thick crust pizza, get the Sicilian. Either way it would be hard to go wrong.

Maybe you’ll wander in with a group of pizza loving friends, then order the Grandma Special Pizza. Wow! Bring a neighborhood of kids to finish that one.

For something a bit more unusual locally, order the fried calzone. You read that right, fried calzone. Nothing adds more flavor than sticking your food in a deep fryer. Calzone + fried = Yum!

It’s a technique that will be familiar to New York and New Jersey transplants in the area. It will remind you of home back in NY/NJ but when you are having a friend calzone in February and there is no snow on the ground, you’ll think you’ve gone to heaven. In a way you have, it’s just called Wake Forest.

The pasta dishes on the menu are tasty as well. The Penne Vodka “Jersey Style” is a nice change from the regular.

Finding the place the first time might be a bit of a surprise. Here is a hint, go to B&W Hardware and look up the little alley next door. The address is 238 S. White St. Warning though, if you don’t look fast, you might miss it.

Cannizzaro's Pizzeria
Look fast or you will miss it.

You can’t miss the pizza fries as a starter though. But be warned, these bits of goodness are both addictive and filling.

If you’ve made it through your meal and are looking for the perfect finish, the zeppoles, fried donuts with powered sugar, will make you want to send your kids to camp so you can spend more of your time at Cannizzaro’s Pizzeria eating these.

They are almost better than sex but we’ve yet to try sex, fried and with powered sugar. Probably should have done that in college.

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