UK lawmaker defends making 14 cent expenses claim

— A British lawmaker is defending claiming 9 pence ($ 0.14) on expenses for a short car journey, saying such claims may look “odd” but the mileage adds up.

Conservative lawmaker Rob Wilson said the 322-meter (352-yard) journey in March 2014 was a “constituency engagement.” He also made several other small claims for short journeys, including 13 pence for a trip in his car to attend a business meeting.

Wilson told Metro News on Tuesday he was an active lawmaker who often met with local voters. He said many of his trips are fairly short, but add up because he takes a number of them each week.

Beginning the end of July, British lawmakers will get a 10 percent pay increase from 67,060 pounds ($ 104,271) to 74,000 pounds ($ 115,000) a year.

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