Pet ‘n Nanny Sponsors July 26 Fence Build for Chained Dogs

Through its partnership with the Coalition to Unchain Dogs, Pet ‘n Nanny owners Shannon and Gerry Arner will help build a fence on Sunday, July 26 for three dogs that are continuously chained outdoors at their home in Durham.

The professional pet-sitting company donated funds to the Coalition to sponsor a volunteer “fence build” and supply dog houses. On the day of the build, a video will capture the dogs on their chains, the construction of the fence and then the dogs’ reactions to being unchained and running free within the confines of the fence in their yard.

“Our company was founded on the premise that pets are most comfortable and secure in their own homes and yards when their pet parents are away,” says Shannon, who founded Pet ‘n Nanny in 2000. “By sponsoring a fence build with the Coalition, we’re bringing comfort and security to pets by improving their living conditions.”

Pet ‘n Nanny supports the Coalition, a non-profit organization that helps improve the welfare of dogs and their living environments, specifically in under-served areas of the Triangle. In addition to building fences, the Coalition provides free services and supplies including wellness care, spay/neuter clinics, leashes and collars, flea and tick medication and vaccinations. Founded in August 2006, the Coalition uses a non-judgmental approach to share information and much-needed resources with pet owners.

About Pet ‘n Nanny

Pet ‘n Nanny provides professional pet-sitting services to Wake Forest, Rolesville, Wakefield and North Raleigh communities and offers a pleasant alternative to boarding and kennels. Co-owners Shannon and Gerry Arner take classes and attend pet sitting conferences to maintain their certification and keep up-to-date on pet care information, regulations and new technology. They are trained to handle pet emergencies, care for special needs pets and administer medication. Find Pet ‘n Nanny online for more information:,, Twitter: @PetnNanny Instagram: PetnNanny.

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