We Can’t Figure It Out Either

You know all those back window stickers on cars that show the family?

Our favorite one recently was one where there was Mom, Dad, and the kids but Dad got scraped off. We are thinking d-i-v-o-r-c-e.

But when we saw the one below around town it was far too complex for me to figure out. If you’ve got a clue, please post your translation in the comments.

We’re not sure what that kid on the right just did to get that cat to fly up there but why is there a guy with a gun standing there? Pull!

I dare you to figure this one out.
I dare you to figure this one out.

4 thoughts on “We Can’t Figure It Out Either”

  1. Alright I have it all figured out. Dad, who was in the Navy or a singing group, and mom who is very fond of wine bought themselves a hybrid dog pig that can fly. Think that Sampson County smell. Their first child, a chronic shopaholic (note the two purses) has three children. Their second daughter is a nurse phlebotomist or she really likes to stab people with a hypodermic needle. She has one child and a twin sister who just happened to do the exact same job, and she has two children. Slightly less than the average for families. The fourth child, a son, is an abject failure to the family. He has no job or children and the family placed him on the car only out of feelings of guilt if he were left off. The fifth child, who the parents have obviously cherished is very short and works as a part time golf caddy and probably at a nursery landscape company as a professional planter. She is not very fond of cats, but has one to annoy her parents that she has no other family. Last but not least is their favorite son who is in the Marine Corps serving his country and if he accidentally rids the family of the “beloved” cat, so be it. No further explanation is necessary. It was all right there for you to see.

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