Fifty Shades of Hay – Wake Forest Shopping Find

Fifty Shades of Grey is riding a wave of popularity as the best soft core porn literary series that is being read by housewives across America, including Wake Forest.

The series, we are told, involves a number of romantic and “liberating” sexual exploits. Whatever that means.

Hate it or love it you have to give one artist at The Cotton Company major props for turning our quaint country farm side into mainstream art.

We can’t believe this banner is still available for sale just because of its laughter value. It would be perfect hanging on a local barn.

Want to see my udder?
Your stall or mine?

You have to admire the artists attention to detail with the fur-lined handcuffs. Nice one.

In case you want to snatch this up you’ll find it at The Cotton Company at 306 S. White Street, Wake Forest.

[googlemap src=”,Wake+Forest,+NC&cid=0,0,4568928904228724989&ei=etUpUvOEE5Sx4AP_soDAAg&ved=0CJgBEPwSMA0″ width=”100%” align=”aligncenter” ]

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