Warning: You’ll Get Crabs in Wake Forest

Seriously, you will get crabs if you come to Wake Forest.

Backfins Crab House is a local establishment with a loyal following. We’ve met people in here who have traveled for hours to come sup on delicious blue crabs.

It’s a claw cracking, hammer swinging, beer drinking, lip smacking good time.

And for those that don’t like seafood, don’t go there. Seriously, don’t go. It’s a seafood place. They’ll make you some chicken dish but that’s a pity meal and everyone will feel sorry for you.

The menu is filled with tasty tidbits from the sea and the crab stuffed bacon wrapped scallops as a starter are damn near illegal. Of course anything with bacon on it isn’t going to get kicked out of bed by us.

If you want to order the big daddy crabs you absolutely must call ahead to reserve them. Otherwise you’ll be left with the same stupid look we had on our face.

“Did you call ahead?”

“Huh, call ahead?”

Crab supplies can be limited, thus the need to call ahead. It is our understanding the crabs are driven daily or darn near to it directly from the dock to Backfins. The only way they could be fresher would be if we move Wake Forest to the Chesapeake Bay.

Other favorites on the menu include the steamed shrimp, fried crab claws, and cream of crab soup.

The cream of crab soup is a real surprise. We watched one person swear they hated crabs but loved the cream of crab soup. Of course we told them it was lobster bisque. Still.

You can also create your own platters from the side item menu. Our favorite is 1/2 pound of steamed shrimp and a snow crab leg cluster. The blue crabs are delicious but they can be a lot of work. If you’re not in the mood to work for your dinner, get the snow crab legs.

Be forewarned, you might get a bit messy. When you are slinging a wooden mallet and smashing a crab shell on a brown paper covered table, stuff goes flying everywhere. No telling where that shit is going to land. Most of it landed on us during our visit but there was some apologizing to do to the neighboring table as well.

“Oh, so sorry for flinging that bit of crab shell on your neck.” Now there is something you don’t get to say everyday.

Also, if you are looking for fast food, this might not be the right choice if you are ordering a bunch of crabs. It takes a while to pick through them but it makes for a great time as long as you went with people you like. If you are going out to eat with people you don’t like, you need to pick better people to go out with.

The staff at Backfins is great and the food is delicious. The fact it is located in Wake Forest makes us Wake Forest Nutters often overlook it while people drive in from all over to steal our tasty goodness.

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  1. We recently spent a year living in the Apex area. Sure, plenty of seafood choices between Apex and Wake Forest. Even hit a couple of them. But Backfins became the only seafood place for my family. Well worth the short drive. Great causal atmosphere and GREAT FOOD!

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