Your Booze and Guns Are Not Welcome at Town Park Gospel Concert. Shocker.

This upcoming Sunday, September 8, 2013 the Wake Forest Parks and Recreation Department and others will be sponsoring a concert in E. Caroll Joyner Park.

According to the Town of Wake Forest, they don’t want you to forget to leave your booze and guns behind. They are not welcome at the Gospel Jubilators free concert in a public park with loads of kids running around. Imagine that.

Apparently knives, whips, and chains are okay though so all is not lost. Common sense will be mandatory.

Games available at the concert will include little tiny golf, sack races and corn hole. We don’t know about you but in other parts of the country corn hole means a hole (no typo) different thing. If you really want to know, click here.

But fair warning, once you understand the alternative definition it will put that phrase in a whole new light. You’ll never say it again around minors.

If we can't bring our booze and guns we are just not coming then.
If we can’t bring our booze and guns we are just not coming then. Your loss.

Free a capella gospel music will begin at 5PM in E. Carroll Joyner Park. Bring your pimento cheese but leave the firearms and intoxicants at home this time.

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