Tree Pruning & Removal Project Set to Begin Aug. 17

Wake Forest officials announced today that beginning Aug. 17 several trees in the Carriage Run, St. Andrews Plantation and Stonegate subdivisions will be pruned or removed due to conflicts between street lights and tree branches.

According to Urban Forestry Coordinator Jennifer Rall, the affected trees were planted several years ago in front of or in close proximity to several street lights before development standards addressed the practice. The trees’ branches now completely surround the street lamp preventing light from reaching the street and creating a safety issue.

“The three subdivisions were developed in the mid-1990s,” Rall explained. “At that time there were no standards in place to ensure trees were spaced an appropriate distance from street lights. In most cases, the development plans did not show the locations of street lights, making it difficult to correct tree spacing prior to installation.”

Rall said development standards have changed in recent years to prevent such conflicts. The town’s Unified Development Ordinance specifies a set distance between street lights and trees, so conflicts between trees and street lights do not occur in new developments.

The tree pruning and removal project is tentatively scheduled to begin on Monday, Aug. 17. Rall said the town will attempt to save as many of the trees as possible.

“Trees scheduled for removal would require severe pruning that would result in a tree with less than desirable form, that is aesthetically unpleasing, and under tremendous stress causing it to decline and eventually die,” she said.

Rall has consulted with Wake Electric officials to determine which trees to prune and which to remove. Most are located on the town’s right-of-way (ROW) or in a tree planting easement, but some are situated on private property.

In the coming days Wake Electric will begin notifying homeowners directly impacted by the pruning or removal work.

Approximately six trees in the town’s ROW easement and approximately three private trees are marked for removal. Areas where trees are removed from the town’s ROW will be evaluated to determine if a replacement tree can be planted nearby or in another appropriate location.

Affected streets include the following:

  • Carriage Run subdivision
    • Green Apple Court
    • Coach Lantern Avenue
    • Reindeer Moss Drive
    • Stacked Stone Trail
    • Cottontail Court
  • St. Andrews Plantation subdivision
    • Barrett Hall Lane
    • Kemble Ridge Drive
    • Kayenta Court
  • Stonegate subdivision
    • Studbury Hall Court

For more information, contact Urban Forestry Coordinator Jennifer Rall at 919-435-9565 or [email protected]

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