Wake Forest Fire Pit Bacon Gets Caught Hitting the Sauce

The Fire Pit, a local Wake Forest tasty barbecue company that is really, really good, will be playing a supporting role in this Thursdays episode of Supermarket Superstar on the Lifetime network.

The premise of the show is to torture contestants in a fun and entertaining way and hoping viewers will watch the show and not fast forward through the commercials.

Winners get some stuff and one grand prize winner will present “their product to A&P CEO Sam Martin, with the hope their dream will be realized when their product is launched in A&P supermarkets and their affiliated chains nationwide.” Is A&P still around? According to the A&P supermarket website there is no store around here.

Adam Wright, 33, will appear on the Lifetime reality competition show Supermarket Superstar Thursday at 10:30 pm. The series, hosted by Stacy Keibler, gives everyday Americans the chance to prove they have the next great product consumers will love.

Adam Wright — Saucey

We already know Adam has the Wright stuff, but will he win?

Wright will be shown competing with a family recipe of spicy bacon-based barbecue sauce that has been handed down for years and perfected by him.

The Fire Pit of Wake Forest, which currently supplies Wright the bacon used in the sauce, (Hey kid, want some bacon?) will host a viewing party on Thursday at 8:00 pm to give friends and family a chance to sample the sauce. Screw the sauce, we want the bacon!

Wright has also been invited to judge the Rolesville’s 4th Annual Hot Pick’n Finger Lick’n BBQ & Bands Fest on Saturday, September 14.

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