Blasting & Excavation Operations Set to Begin Near Dunn Creek Greenway

The City of Raleigh and Park Construction of NC, Inc., are slated to begin blasting and excavation operations in the vicinity of the Dunn Creek Greenway as part of the Smith Creek Interceptor Improvement Project (SCIIP).  

Residents who live near the greenway are advised that blasting is scheduled to begin as early as Friday, Aug. 14, and will continue for several weeks. The blasting operations are expected to produce loud noises, but residents should not be alarmed.

Situated between the Smith Creek Soccer Center, 690 Heritage Lake Road, and the Dr. Calvin Jones Highway/NC 98 Bypass, the Dunn Creek Greenway will be closed until the SCIIP is complete.

Signage announcing the Dunn Creek Greenway closure is posted at the Smith Creek Soccer Center. Pedestrians and home owners in the vicinity are reminded to stay off the trail and the construction site until the greenway is reopened.

Residents are advised of the following alerts both prior to and following a blast:

  • Five-Minute Warning: a series of long horn blasts.
  • One-Minute Warning: Short horn blasts, separated by short pauses.
  • All Clear Signal: A prolonged horn blast following inspection of the blast.

Located entirely within the Town of Wake Forest service area, the SCIIP will install a new 30-inch sewer line of the Smith Creek Sanitary Sewer Interceptor (SCSSI) from the Smith Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant to Lagerfeld Road. The initiative will also install a 24-inch line of the SCSSI from Lagerfeld Road to Heritage Height, and a 16-inch line from Heritage Height to Franklin Street.

The City of Raleigh scheduled the SCIIP after a study revealed the need for additional flow capacity due to Wake Forest’s considerable growth since its water and sewer system merger with Raleigh in 2005. The project is expected to be completed in the spring of 2016 at an estimated cost of $ 7.9 million.

For more information about the SCIIP, visit or contact City of Raleigh Construction Project Administrator Dennis Lassiter, PE at 919-996-3477 or [email protected].

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