Wake Forest Coffee Company. A Place for Bean Counters.

I know the title to this story is silly, but the funny part is it is true. The last few visits to the “must see” Wake Forest Coffee Company has actually had us sitting next to people doing accounting work.

Here is the ironic thing why the Wake Forest Coffee Company is a local favorite. It doesn’t try to be anything tricky or fancy. You can push the tables around, put your feet up, use the free WiFi, play games, and just hangout. How they actually ever make any money is beyond us.

Wake Forest Coffee Company Deer. Look up when ordering. Then look down to pay.
Wake Forest Coffee Company Deer. Look up when ordering. Then look down to pay.
There might be an overwhelming theme to the place but if there is, it’s escaped us. It has a holiday deer on the ceiling! It’s shabby chic and that is perfect. Seriously, sprucing up the place would ruin the vibe.

The staff is super cool and friendly. Last time I was there I got a $1 refill on my iced coffee and promptly spilled three cents on the floor. “No problem, I got it,” they said. They would not let me clean it up.

And moreover, you have to give them mad props for having a wine store upstairs with a dry college around the corner. Shocker, the wine store allegedly went out of business but the space upstairs is still used for something or another. We hear it’s mud wrestling but we’ve been unable to confirm that yet. BYOMW.

You should expect tasty coffee, smoothies, and even milkshakes. Oh, they need to put a Wake Forest News coffee milkshake on the menu. Do it. Do it!

Must have coffee.
Must have coffee.
Now that we’ve painted a picture of WFCC, be prepared to find all types in the place. It is not unusual to see gnomes around the place, people dressed in steampunk outfits with foam swords, business people, loads of biblically caffeinated students, and the odd artist or two.

We are certain that the problem of world peace has been resolved in here at least a hundred times.

If you bring your laptop, you’ll want to score a table along the wall. If you can’t get access to an outlet, buy a MacBook Air and come back.

Hopefully we didn’t sugarcoat our review too much. In case it’s not obvious, we love the place.

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2 thoughts on “Wake Forest Coffee Company. A Place for Bean Counters.”

  1. Love this place…but a little concerning watching the video and subliminally being subjected to the pentagram that pops-up on the screen 3 or 4 times. Coincident or intentional?

    • It’s a star as part of a geometric design that quickly morphs into many shapes.

      If we have to make a choice between the two choices you’ve laid out we’ll go with Intentionally coincidental. Damn geometry. There are also straight lines, triangles, other grammy shapes and off colors.

      Is the issue is the use of a historical Christian symbol representing the five wounds of Jesus? You can read all about the history of the star design called a pentagram at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pentagram

      Warning: Don’t read the review backwards.

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