This Business Desperately Needed in Wake Forest

Things in Wake Forest are humming along fine. Places look busy and opportunity abounds. But if we could cast a vote for a needed new business it would the one above we recently spotted on a trip to Lansing, Michigan.

We all need a place to turn ourselves around, don’t we?

“Jimmy, you’ve got to turn yourself around man.”

“I can’t”

“Quick, to the Hokey Pokey Clinic!”

We are thinking maybe a half Little Caesars and half Hokey Pokey Clinic. How could you go wrong? Hot ovens and possible vertigo seem like a lawyers dream. Half the lawyers in Wake Forest would kiss you, the other half would sue you in the most cordial and professional way.

And speaking of Little Caesars, we debated vigorously about sharing a little precious moment from a recent trip to Little Caesars.

Picture this, young mom trails in two young kids. The first through the door was a little five year old girl with her pants undone was singing the most melodic song titled “I Got a Tattoo.” It’s an easy song to remember since the versus and chorus match the title. Catchy though, we still can’t get it out of our heads.

Her shirt read “Sweet as a Cupcake” in fancy frilly writing. We’re sure that’s a potentially true statement. Probably understated.

The combination of pants undone and rendition of “I Got a Tattoo” left us wondering where she got the tattoo.

Someone in the place said, “What’s going on with her?” To which the only reply possible was uttered, “We think she got a tattoo.” While in the background the Muzak version of “I Got a Tattoo” was still being played.

And never let it be said that more is more when it comes to fashion in Wake Forest. Her toddler brother was sporting the hottest summer fashion ever. Sometimes just wearing only a heavy diaper and bare feet is all a two year old needs to wear to make a distinctive fashion statement at Little Caesars.

Mission accomplished.

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