Cackalacky Stuff For Sale at NC General Stores

Honestly, we didn’t even know what Cackalacky was but a search of Cackalacky discovered it is used in place of Carolina. As in North Cackalacky. In that case we need a case of it. Okay, maybe just the bumper sticker you can buy at NC General Stores in Wake Forest. We think it would keep people from tailgating. Bonus!

And if you are looking for a super cool place to buy all your Cackalacky goodies then wander no further than NC General Stores on 150 South White Street in beautiful Wake Forest.

We admit this is a store we should visit more often for two reasons. First, there is an easy parking lot right next door. Second, we could spend a fortune in here. It’s not that the stuff is overpriced in any way. It’s that we just want to buy one of everything, even the art available.

From barbecue sauces to honey to hard to find sodas and loads of stuff that needs to be hung on a redneck Christmas tree, it’s all here. If you come to Wake Forest and don’t visit this place, you have not experienced all that Wake Forest has to offer.

Tim Forrest is to blame for the amazing selection of stuff. He’s like a Carolina stuff whisperer. It’s a hidden talent that expresses itself in countless marvelous and tasty ways.

Who can’t love a store that has a sign out front that says, “Without Fatboys it’s just another piece of meat.” Well said, well said.

[googlemap src=”,+wake+forest,+nc&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x89ac522f8426596d:0xf6800a95713bef63,150+S+White+St,+Wake+Forest,+NC+27587&gl=us&ei=5YI0UtruN4_e4AP20YHYCA&ved=0CCsQ8gEwAA” width=”100%” align=”aligncenter” ]

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