Did This Pastor Nail It or is He a Nut Job?

We almost didn’t know what to do with the following video from Pastor Jim Standbridge of Skiatook, Oklahoma and his May 19, 2013 sermon.

So after contemplation and a flip of the coin we’ll toss this out to you for your opinion. Be forewarned if you like skateboards, Europe, brooms, wives, video production or texting, this video is going to be harsh and leave you scratching your head.

Josh Pennington, lead pastor of More Life Church in Newark, Ohio, suggested that Standridge’s tirade was a good way to “destroy a church in less than five minutes.”

Others say, “I love this guy!”

Who knows, you might watch the video and applaud Pastor “I’m the man baby” Standbridge for his unique approach. If you’d like to watch the full sermon, here it is.

What do you think? Nailed it or nut job. Please comment below.

1 thought on “Did This Pastor Nail It or is He a Nut Job?”

  1. Short answer: Nut job who needed an editor.

    Sure, I believe most Americans need a seriously healthy dose of reality checking that begins by looking in the mirror. But I also believe that’s called ‘personal accountability’ and not ‘blind faith.’ Folks who choose to endure sermons from their employees (and ministers, preachers, etc. are a congregations’ employee) should expect and receive a sermon that is to the point and at least a little uplifting. Pastor Nut Job rambled in the brambles. Just sayin’.

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