Friday, January 21, 2022

No More Job Listings on Wake Forest News Web Site

So some people love the fact I publish the latest job openings in Wake Forest and other people hate it. As a compromise I decided to just post them on the Wake Forest News Facebook page and Twitter feed and will not publish them on the site anymore.

That means they will also no longer appear in the daily email so if you want to see the latest job listings them be sure to follow me on those two locations. BTW, Twitter will show you all of them but Facebook is selective in what it shows to people. Don’t ask me why.

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  1. I think that is a shame, it is a nice service for people looking for work. Perhaps if there were just a divider between the News items and the ads, no one would object, they could just ignore the items below the dividing line?

  2. I might start looking at the site again. I used to enjoy it, now those looking for job info have a place to go and those who enjoy the quirky news can return. Thanks for the compromise.

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