The Wake Forest Weekly Goes Big Time

Across our desk this morning came flashing this press release sent out on the nationally recognized service PRWeb.

The Wake Forest Weekly was the prominent feature of the release and soundly praised for their annual community contest where residents and those engaged in rampant voter fraud, cast a vote for who or what they like best in our community. It’s a little contest we like to call “pick me, pick me.”

This is the third year The Wake Forest Weekly has held the contest which recognizes those groups and organizations people vote the most for.

The press release.
The press release.
The press release was in fact not sent out by the cute, sexy, and modest Wake Forest Weekly staff but by Heritage which claims to be an “exceptional community has been named Master Planned Community of the Year, three times in its twelve-year history by the Home Builder’s Association and the golf course was given an outstanding 4-1/2 Star rating by Golf Digest Magazine.” Braggarts.

“Once again we are honored to be recognized by the people who live and work throughout our community as the best neighborhood and best place to play golf in Wake Forest,” says Andy Ammons, president of Ammons Development Group, Heritage developer. “Our vision when we began building Heritage in 2001 was to create a place that people love to live work and play. This award is evidence that we’ve accomplished our goal.”

You know who we feel sorry for, that short fat neighborhood that is still standing there waiting to get picked.

Here’s another consideration, maybe the other less densely populated neighborhoods with fewer votes are just as happy not winning so you don’t know about them and move in. Maybe?

Our heartfelt congratulations goes out to Martin Communications for scoring the Heritage PR contract and doing such a beautiful job on the release.

Hooray for The Wake Forest Weekly. Seriously, we love the Wake Forest Weekly. We’d even probably vote for them for best Wake Forest newspaper.

We’ve got an idea, how about next year Heritage starts a popularity contest for the best news source in Wake Forest and return the love. If that actually happens, whatever you do don’t vote for Wake Forest News. We suck.

Probably the most amazing part of the whole press release is we just rolled out about 400 words on it. How did that happen? Score!

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  1. I live in Heritage (despite the fact that its name makes me gag because it reminds me of former SC Senator Jim DeMint and his Foundation cronies), and I haven’t yet voted for the best of anything through the WFW. Rest assured, however, that next year, I’ll vote for WFN because it’s the best news source around. Where else do just the headlines give a reader the opportunity to laugh (other than on Leno’s Monday night Headlines?). Love you!

    P.S. I’m waiting for you to come up with the WF Winnie Awards.

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