Sex on Wake Forest Train Tracks Not Advised

As a public service, this publication is advising Wake Forest area residents to remember to not have sex on the train tracks running through town or the surrounding area.

Normally we would not publish such a public service warning unless it involved either string cheese or tater tots but apparently not having sex on the train tracks is not obvious to all.

Wake Forest train track sex an interesting but bad idea, even for voyers.
Wake Forest train track sex an interesting but bad idea, even for voyers.
Just this past weekend a couple in Russia decided it would be a really fun idea to have sex on the local train tracks to spice up their sex life. Oh they spiced it up all right.

What started as a sexy and provocative experience of uncomfortable splinter filled and rocks in your back sexual adventure soon tuned into a different sort of coming and going experience as the couple lost track of the fact, train tracks have trains on them.

The man and his girlfriend “failed to overcome their natural passion when walking home … and wanted to experience an extreme sensation near the railroad tracks,” the local Russian ministry said as they announced the fatal outcome.

What do you say we avoid that in Wake Forest and instead stick to the usual of the midfield at the high school and the fountain on the SEBTS campus.

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