Concern for Public Safety Forces Town to Remove Decaying Pecan Tree

Town of Wake Forest tree crews will close a portion of the pecan grove at E. Carroll Joyner Park, 701 Harris Road, this afternoon in order to begin removing a large, old pecan tree.

According to Urban Forestry Coordinator Jennifer Rall, the pecan tree has reached the end of its useful lifespan and must be removed out of concern for public safety.

“Several large limbs are cracked and decaying and could fall at any time,” said Rall. “To make matters worse, the trunk of the tree shows evidence of an old wound, possibly a lightning strike. A seam has opened putting the tree at risk for splitting and collapsing. It’s just too big of a liability.”

Rall says the town is exploring possible uses for the usable wood from the tree that is cut down. The smaller limbs and branches are expected to be chipped up and distributed as wood chips.

The removal of the pecan tree is expected to be completed sometime next week. In the meantime, crews have cordoned off the affected area with yellow flagging tape. Visitors to Joyner Park are urged to use caution when visiting the park and maintain a safe distance from the work area.

For more information, contact Urban Forestry Coordinator Jennifer Rall at 919-435-9565 or [email protected]

The Town of Wake Forest provides this information as a public service. Area residents are reminded that weather and other conditions can change rapidly and should plan accordingly. Planned closures and restrictions are necessary to allow for a variety of work. Dates, times and work locations are subject to change due to inclement weather or last-minute changes in work schedules.



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