Daylight Saving Time Ends Sunday

The Town of Wake Forest is reminding residents to turn their clocks back one hour on Sunday, Nov. 1, at 2 a.m.

As clocks “fall back” one hour, residents are urged to use the occasion to replace batteries in smoke alarms, flashlights and weather radios.

On the second Sunday in March, clocks will be set ahead one hour at 2 a.m. local standard time, which becomes 3 a.m. Daylight Saving Time. The next clock change will be March 13, 2016.

Standard time was instituted in the U.S. and Canada by the railroads in 1883. However, it was not established in U.S. law until the Act of March 19, 1918, sometimes called the Standard Time Act. The act also established daylight saving time, which was repealed in 1919, but standard time in time zones remained in law.

During the “energy crisis” years, Congress enacted earlier starting dates for daylight time. In 1974, daylight time began on Jan. 6 and in 1975 it began Feb. 23. After those two years, the starting date reverted back to the last Sunday in April. In 1986, a law was passed that shifted the starting date of daylight time to the first Sunday in April, beginning in 1987. The ending date of daylight time was not subject to such changes, and remained the last Sunday in October.

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 changed both the starting and ending dates. Under the new law, Daylight Saving Time begins three weeks earlier than before, on the second Sunday in March, and is extended by one week to the first Sunday in November. The new start and stop period began in March 2007.

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