Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Residents Urged Not to Rake Leaves into Street

Wake Forest’s annual loose leaf collection program began in October and continues through mid-March. When preparing leaves for collection, residents are urged to rake leaves into piles behind the curb – not into the street or gutter – so they do not interfere with traffic or drainage.

In recent days Wake Forest officials have noted dozens of incidents in which residents raked or blew leaves out of their yards and into the street and gutter. Raking leaves into the streets can lead to clogged storm drains which can cause flooded streets and yards.

The practice of raking leaves into the gutter is also harmful to the environment. Rain runoff carries leaves and other yard waste in streets, ditches and storm drains through the stormwater drainage system into streams and lakes. Yard waste contains nutrients that feed unwanted algae and harm aquatic life. 

Leaf collection in Wake Forest is performed weekly according to the town’s yard waste collection schedule, but the schedule may be affected by leaf volume and weather conditions. Wake Forest residents can track the progress of leaf collection crews by calling the Leaf Collection Hotline at 919-435-9582. The hotline is updated each weekday morning by 8 a.m. with information concerning where crews will be working that day.

Loose leaf collection ends Friday, March 18, 2016. Beginning Monday, March 21, all leaves and grass must be bagged for collection.

For more information about the town’s loose leaf collection program, visit www.wakeforestnc.gov/leaf-collection.aspx or contact Betty Pearce at [email protected] or 919-435-9570.

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