Who Can’t Love Photographer Bonnie B?

Bonnie Horton, a local Wake Forest photographer who does some very nice work, sent in a notice to us through our link here. Thanks Bonnie.

It seems Bonnie has managed to wrangle herself a prominent spot in town as a resident photographer at the North Carolina General Stores shop at 150 S. Main Street.

But for October 2013 Bonnie is going to be the featured artist and she will be hanging out for Art After Hours in downtown Wake Forest this Friday, October 11.

We are not quite sure what a mini session is but after looking through Bonnie’s photos on her site at www.iambonnieb.com it would be something interesting. You can also find Bonnie on Facebook as well.

Being parents ourselves we could not help but love Bonnie’s photo of these two kids. That little boy has got something planned.

"Seriously, trust me."
“Seriously, trust me.” One of Bonnie B’s photos, nice stuff!

If you are looking for some special photos, take the time to meet up with Bonnie. And who knows, maybe a “mini session” is a big discount for short people.


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