A Year’s Worth of Fun, Free Holidays

Even the most frugal people can experience a holiday money hangover. Wouldn’t it be fun to celebrate holidays without spending a dime? Here is a year’s worth of fun holidays that you can celebrate for free.

January 6: Cuddle Up Day
Put on your pajamas and gather the family on the couch to read books or watch a movie together.

First Saturday in February: Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day
Do you really need an excuse to celebrate this holiday? Instead of your usual morning oatmeal, dish up a giant bowl of rocky road. Splurge by adding chocolate syrup and whipped cream. After all, it is a holiday.

March 3: National Anthem Day
Show your patriotic pride by celebrating the day that the Star-Spangled Banner officially became our national anthem. Research the history of this famous song. For example, most people think it was written during the Revolutionary War. Do you know when it was written? Then listen to a few versions online and vote for a family favorite or have a sing-along (hats off, of course).

April 28: International Astronomy Day
Grab some old blankets and some hot drinks and head to the backyard to do some stargazing. Check out an astronomy book from the library and try to identify some constellations. There’s also an app for that. Maybe you’ll even see a shooting star.

May 16: Wear Purple for Peace Day
Break out the lavender, violet, and plum to raise social awareness for a good cause. Who doesn’t want world peace?

June 15: Smile Power Day
The power of a smile to affect mental and physical health is well-documented. It makes you feel good in all ways, so polish up your smile and grin at everyone you see today. You might make someone’s day (maybe even your own).

July 1: International Joke Day
Bust out your best knock-knock joke or riddle. Don’t know one? Scour the internet or borrow a joke book from the library and learn a new punchline. Then go ahead and make them laugh!

August26: National Dog Day
According to the ASPCA, there are an estimated 70-80 million pet dogs in the United States. In the "dog days" of summer, take this day to celebrate our furry, canine friends. Play an extra game of fetch or spend some extra time petting your pooch. Don’t have a dog? Hang out with a neighbor’s or a friend’s pup. Take along some doggie treats and enjoy the doggie kisses.

September 19:International Talk Like a Pirate Day
It’s not often that you get the chance to call a friend "Matey," to say, "Shiver me timbers," or to threaten someone with "walking the plank" in everyday conversation. Talk like a pirate day? Aye! (Eye patch optional.)

October 1: Frugal Fun Day
Celebrate a whole day to remember that fun doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Take advantage of October’s famously fine weather to do something fun and frugal today like take a hike or bike ride, go leaf-peeping, or visit a park or historic site with free or nominal admission. Bring along a picnic lunch to keep it cheap.

November 13: World Kindness Day
There’s an old saying that goes "Kindness costs so little." This is so true, but the benefits are priceless. Kind acts are scientifically proven to reap rewards for both the giver and the receiver of the kind act. Even watching others be kind has been shown to improve a person’s mood. So hold the door for someone today, give a compliment to a stranger, or write a thank you note to someone for being a positive influence in your life. You might like the way you feel so much you’ll make every day Kindness Day.

December 27: Make Cut Out Snowflake Day
After the bustle of the other major December holidays, take time to relax and destress by making cut out paper snowflakes. The activity takes many of us back to our childhood days. Plus, it’s just plain fun. You could even use this project to recycle leftover wrapping paper, so find some scissors and get crafting.

If these holidays don’t appeal to you, you can find many other fun holidays on the Holiday Insights website or other "holiday of the day" websites. Or you could just wait until March 26 and celebrate Make Up Your Own Holiday Day!

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