Not the Saturday Morning You Want to Have

Early Saturday Morning Accident October 12, 2013 at Capital Blvd. and S. Main Street
Early Saturday Morning Call on October 12, 2013 at Capital Blvd. and S. Main Street

Around 4:30 Saturday morning Wake Forest Engine 2, and one very tired Wake Forest News reporter, responded to an accident with injuries call on Capital Blvd. and S. Main Street. The good news is there was no traffic on the road and we hit all the lights green. Sweet!

You can listen to the call below.

The front driver side tire appeared to be in the process of being changed, as that corner of the car sat on a scissor jack. What was immediately noticeable was how close the car was in relation to the active roadway.

We never, ever like to see any Wake Forest resident hurt or injured, especially when it can be avoided.

Please tell your friends, spouse, and most certainly your kids to pull their cars, and cool looking pickup trucks, as far off the side of the road as possible before doing anything on the side of the road like changing tires, adding gas, or taking a leak.

The last two emergency calls we responded to have been accidents on the side of the road and to be honest, just getting out to photograph these things is scary enough for us with traffic flying by.

But in this case, the driver of the vehicle, a reported 19 year old student at Wake Forest Rolesville High School was charged with driving under the influence. Probably should have been jacking under the influence. We all know, nothing good happens when you get caught jacking under the influence, especially if your mom catches you, but we digress.

Whatever happened between the time of the head injury, when authorities showed up, and when we arrived, created a mystery how this ended up being an accident with injuries call with the car on the jack. That’s a zero MPH DWI pursuit.

Injured WFRHS student on side of the Capital Blvd.
Injured alleged WFRHS student on side of the Capital Blvd when we last saw him with blood all over the front of his shirt.
We have obscured the face of the student for privacy.

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 5.09.34 PMThere is nothing in the police report that clarifies how the student was injured. But the fire department noted he was injured and changing a tire when they arrived.

In our fiction fueled imaginary world the worst case scenario is the guy was at a party with his girlfriend, he was drinking, they broke up, he got in a fight, and then left the party only to get a flat tire which caused the cops to show up to assist and notice he was intoxicated, they arrested him and then hauled him to jail. Now that would officially be a sucky night.

We left the guy on the side of the road with a big bandage wrapped around his head but by the time of the mugshot was snapped he was wearing a stripped top and had lost the white bandanna.

While this story might not be the most front page shocking news story, it does fall under our Wake Forest News rule number three which is if we drag our ass to the scene of something reported on fire or something with injuries, we are going to shoot pictures of it regardless of what it turns out to be, mostly because we are lazy and don’t want to go home with nothing for our efforts.

For our intrepid local student who got to carpool to jail Saturday morning with a fine Wake Forest police officer we only have one piece of advice; there’s no sense wasting a perfectly good mistake. Learn from it and don’t repeat the bad parts. If you do that, life will get better.

And as bad as you probably feel right now, it could have been worse, at least you didn’t get hit by a car when changing the tire with your ass sticking out on Capital Blvd.

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