Stadium Drive Rear Ender

On Sunday afternoon October 13, 2013 around 6 PM a couple of Wake Forest transportation devices had a most unfortunate collision on Stadium Drive. Engine 4 responded from Station 1 and took care of business on arrival.

It appeared Battalion Chief Royce Fuoco, Firefighter Bobby Neal, Lieutenant William Schultz, and some other guy showed up for the party. He wasn’t wearing his name on his ass like the other guys so his identity is unknown.

From the look of the scene it appeared as if the grey car was planning a turn into the neighborhood when the red SUV decided, oh no you aren’t!

Witnesses on the scene said they heard a loud crash followed by the sound of screeching brakes, before they came running out.

After the impact the SUV altered the universe as we knew it and eliminated that space formerly occupied by the trunk of the car ahead.

How you doin'?
Hopefully there wasn’t anything special in the trunk.
Wake Forest Police keeping the scene safe and taking down names.
Wake Forest Police keeping the scene safe and taking down names.
Airbags exploded on impact. Must have been quick a jolt.
Airbags exploded on impact. Must have been quick a jolt.
"Don't miss, don't miss."
Neal was most likely thinking, “Don’t miss, don’t miss.”
"No seriously, I swear they look like they are touching."
“No seriously, I swear they look like they are touching.”


It does seem a bit odd we’d go out of our way just to take pictures of a rear end collision. Have we nothing better to do?

In our defense the call came out as a vehicle fire. You can listen to it below.

So when we rolled up and saw the accident and no vehicle fire we figured, what the hell, we are here anyway. Modern journalism at its finest.

More Updates

The firefighter with no name on his ass was identified as Craig Salvesen.

8 thoughts on “Stadium Drive Rear Ender”

    • Around here on a weekend it is. Not to bore you too much with the technical part of it but to get details on an accident takes one of three things. Either an officer has to be willing to share before they finish their investigation, you have to wait for the accident report to go public but that takes about 48 hours, or you have to talk to the people involved. I thought the people involved had enough on their plate at the time. So pics it is.

    • Yes it is, WF is a small, quiet town and I appreciate the WFN keeping us abreast of what’s happening even if it’s not earth shattering or controversial, it’s fit to print. The other half of the news gleaned from International sources as well as National sources is enough to keep you in your room dribbling in your shoe, terrified and/or disgusted. So, in my humble opinion, WFN is a breath of fresh air, funny, sarcastic, tongue in cheek news… it…;-)

  1. The names on their ass comment had me rolling!! You guys are friggen hilarious!!! You can report that a squirrel caught fire on the power lines…..I could care less because I can always count on YOUR news to make me laugh. There’s too much seriousness and depressing s*#t everywhere else. Keep it up WFN!!

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