Stranger raises $10,000 for man, dog hit by car

— There are a lot of random acts of kindness this time of year – it’s part of what the holiday season is about.

But a Raleigh woman has gone above and beyond in the last few days for an injured man and his dog.

Last Wednesday, Kunal Chabloni and his dog, Tony, were walking across Hillsborough Street when they were hit by a car.

Francine Cronin came across the scene on her way to work.

She saw that, while paramedics were trying to help Chabloni, he was dragging himself over to his badly injured dog to try to help it.

She didn’t know Chabloni, but she said it broke her heart.

“I’m an animal lover,” Cronin said. “I have a dog, and I thought, if I was in that exact same situation, my concern would be for my dog as well. I just looked at him, and I told him, ‘I will watch out for your dog and don’t worry about the vet bills.'”

Tony’s bill will be well over $10,000 – a lot more than Cronin had expected.

But she refused to back out of the deal. Cronin set up an online fundraising page that’s brought in about $10,000 so far.

She said she’s humbled by people’s generosity.

Both Chabloni and Tony are on the mend, although Tony will have a long road to recovery – he had a broken pelvis and a badly broken leg.

Cronin said the heroes in the story are the people who have stepped up to donate.

Pullen Memorial Baptist Church Pastor Rev. Nancy Petty has been helping Cronin raise money. She said Cronin is a great example of what the holiday season is really about.

,After a man and his dog were hit by a car on Hillsborough Street in Raleigh, a stranger promised to help the dog – so far, she’s helped raise about $10,000.

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