Religious Rap Battle, Baptist v. Catholic, Who Wins?

Ashley U. helps teach religious history on the SEBTS campus with Bap Rap for a unique look at an otherwise general snoozer of a topic for many. Very creative.

But her mad skills don’t end there. Check out the video below promoting a church in the area.

Not to think we only talk about Baptist, here is a look at being Catholic. Catholics will feel it hit close to home, or at least at some station of the cross. We confess, we found the video funny. So what’s our penance?

But not wanting to be outdone, here is Catholic Franciscan Friar Stan Fortuna laying down some crazy beats with “Ain’t No Party Like a Catholic Party.”

Ironically, that’s not really truth in advertising. We once went to a wicked Buddhist party and had at least two future lives hungover for a day. Shamefully we did some things we are going to have to wait for going to college in a future life to regret. We even became vesbian, that’s a vegetarian lesbian in case you didn’t know.

Maybe this whole issue could just be solved with this epic rap battle between Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gandhi.

And that’s the way to get your religion on bitches (a Breaking Bad reference) for those who didn’t get it.

Bonus Cut

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