When Texting and Motherhood Collide in a Bad Way

Regular readers will recognize that here at the Wake Forest News we like to keep things light and funny. But for a moment we are going to have to dangerously wander into more serious territory.

This morning, while a passenger in a truck driving up Capital Blvd, we passed a car and could absolutely not believe what we saw. It was so irresponsible that the first thought that came to mind was what was this person from Norlina doing in Wake Forest?

Sitting shocked and looking at the car racing up Rt 1, we did what we do and took a picture. And it wasn’t till we got back and looked closely at the photo that we noticed there was a baby in the backseat.

Yes, this mother in a hurry gets the WFN WTF award of the week for driving 60 MPH up Capital, steering with two fingers, while looking away from the road repeatedly, and sending a text message with the baby in the backseat.

World's Best WTF Mom
World’s Best WTF Mom

Now we will admit that maybe from time to time we’ve looked at our phone while driving, but nothing ever like this.

What do you think? Is this a problem or not? Post your comments below.

2 thoughts on “When Texting and Motherhood Collide in a Bad Way”

  1. You should have made a citizens arrest! I admit, I will look at my phone STOPPED at a traffic light and as soon as the light changes, my phone is down. She should be exposed and fined and whatever else can be done – locked away? Write on the blackboard 100 hundred times – “I will not text and drive”!

  2. This is ridiculous. I admit. I will send a message to someone while sitting at a light, but once those wheels are moving, that phone gets set to the side. There is no way to focus on driving and text at the same time.

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