Wake Forest Mayoral Race, Quirky and Interesting

On November 5th Wake Forest Town residents will have another turn to poorly show up to vote for Wake Forest Mayor.

However here is an idea, maybe we should hold the election at the Hardee’s drive through in town. You could vote and get a breakfast sandwich at the same time. That would help turn out the vote.

This time around the people asking for the job are Bill Randall and the current Mayor, Vivian Jones.

For the record, what was intended to be a funny and light WFN article with a bit about each candidate turned into this long and boring article as it evolved. One thing led to another and before we knew it the article got too big to read on a smartphone during a bathroom break. Our sincere apologies. We’ll try to not let that happen again.

Let’s start with the challenger, Bill Randall. Bill’s the newbie asking for the job so we wanted to get to know more about this stranger.

Bill Randall

Randall for Mayor
Randall for Mayor

Randall is no stranger to running for office. He was “a Tea Party favorite who won the GOP primary in 2010 for a U.S. House seat but lost in the general election to Democratic incumbent Brad Miller.”

After two attempts to get elected to Washington, Randall has adjusted his sites on the next best thing, the Town of Wake Forest mayoral campaign. It seems like a good fit because as a tea party candidate he’ll have a chance to really enjoy the Olde English Tea Room on a regular basis. Smart to get as close to the nectar as possible.

According to Randall’s Wake Forest mayoral website his top three priorities are:

  1. Keeping Wake Forest clean and safe
  2. Revitalizing jobs and the local economy
  3. Helping to ensure that local government is responsive (to citizens), and effective in its actions

Clean and Safe Wake Forest

Granted we are simpletons here at the Wake Forest News but his number one goal stumps us. Is he inferring Wake Forest is not clean and safe now? But if it is clean and safe then why change things?

And if the Town is clean and safe then wouldn’t that be a pat on the back for the current Mayor?

We wanted to get some clarity from Bill and he offered the following comment, “The verbiage says helping to keep WF clean and safe. It was not helping to make WF clean and safe.”

So his first point is not much more than vote for me so I can continue to keep Wake Forest clean and safe.

Whew, we thought initially he didn’t feel the Town was safe and if so Wake Forest Police Department (WFPD) would get spanked on that one then.

Cut Wake Forest Employees and Wages

Randall wants to cut back on the cost of government and has his eyes set on reductions in costs. Bill’s campaign site says, “Future budgets should look to reduce or ELIMINATE any unconstitutional, wasteful, frivolous or unnecessary spending.”

Randall says, “The wages of city employees, in particular, have added a financial burden to the local taxpayer that many believe to be unnecessary,” so who will have to take a cut or go?

It looks like under Randall someone is getting a pay cut or loose their job so he can meet his promised goals. Randall’s website says, “He believes that if a government department or agency cannot demonstrate and deliver real value, it shouldn’t be there.” – Source

But when looking at who to cut the current Wake Forest departments have only the following staff.

Administration – 3
Communications – 2
Human Resources – 4
Finance – 17 (which includes billing and customer service for Wake Forest Power)
Computer Department – 4
Planning – 8
Inspections – 14
Public Facilities – 1
Public Safety / Police – 67
Engineering – 7
Public Works – 3
Fleet Management – 5
Streets Division – 17
Environmental Services – 9 (trash collection)
Parks & Recreation – 15
Electric Company – 19
Tree Trimming – 3

WFPD has the highest employee count so it seems that would be the logical place to look at cuts first.

We are also perplexed how you can balance the idea of cleanliness for Wake Forest and mayoral site statement, “Environmentalists have a disproportionate amount of power and influence on United States commerce via “green legislation.” In some instances, green legislation has put farmers out of business, and has economically crippled businesses because of an inordinate amount of controls and requirements imposed on their day-to-day operations.” – Source

Is Wake Forest too clean then? He must not be talking about environmental cleanliness then and more about full trash cans in town.

Besides, what Wake Forest farmers have been put out of business and what Wake Forest environmental legislation does he object to then?

Make Wake Forest More Responsive

Town of Wake Forest App
Town of Wake Forest App
And on the responsive issue, for the most part it has been our impression the Town gets right on stuff submitted to them online here. Hell, they even have an app for the iPhone that let’s you report things online and they get addressed. The app also let’s residents communicate with the Town officials and departments as well.

Randall’s view on this is “I believe that the local government could be MORE responsive to its citizens. The Township’s purchase of Tuxedo Junction is an example of action taken that did not secure the sentiments of the community prior to going forward. There are other examples, but my point is that the process in place to find out what the citizens want & need should be reexamined and revamped to more accurately reflect the needs & desires of the community.”

But it is unclear what objections Bill raised to the Town Council when this matter was being discussed.

It would be interesting to see how this issue would have been handled differently under Bill’s leadership considering the Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to purchase the Tuxedo Junction. It’s not like the Mayor made the decision alone.

See the feedback to this responsive issue by Mayor Jones. Click here.

Bill’s other point is to revitalize the economy in Wake Forest. Sure seems logical and a popular favorite statement. Who can be against a better economy. “Please Sir, pay me less.” – Oliver Twist.

Wake Forest Residents Loose Liberties

Bill also wants to go a step further. He says, “In addition to the three above mentioned objectives, I will stand squarely with citizens who currently feel powerless to stop the steady, almost daily erosion of their liberties and freedoms.” – Source

What daily liberties are Wake Forest residents losing? We get Shorty’s famous hot dogs, Wake Forest Coffee, and all the crabs we want to eat. What more do we want?

When we asked Randall, “What liberties and freedoms are current residents losing daily that if elected Mayor you could stop,” Randall responded, “The Mayor does not hold the authority to act in autonomously. Consequently, it is his/her job to work with all entities (Commissioners, County and State government) to focus on areas where such liberties are threatened, and work to minimize or eliminate such threats.”

Again, we must be stupid because we don’t understand how that answers the question. So what liberties are threatened? Still don’t know.

Wake Forest Nanny State

It is a bit perplexing how Bill would impact the good charity work conducted by the Wake Forest Police Department since he states, “Welfare programs have done more to subjugate people and foster a climate of dependency than any other factor. The “entitlement” mentality does much to suppress personal industry and the work ethic than it does to liberate and empower people to improve their quality of life.” Okay, charity drives are out then. Poor residents can get their own damn turkeys for Christmas and no chairty golf tournament next year.

According to the Wake Forest Police Department, “proceeds from the [golf] Tournament for the Kids will benefit children in the Wake Forest community. Money raised during the event in recent years has been used to purchase Christmas gifts for less fortunate children, fund T-ball and softball teams and sponsor children in local recreational events.”

No T-ball either?

What other “welfare programs” does Wake Forest have?

Randall as Veteran

We love Wake Forest Veterans here at the Wake Forest News. Especially if they are serving pancakes.

Randall is a proud veteran and his website provides evidence of his fine record in serving the United States Navy. And while every job can’t be a front line job, all are important.

Senior Chief Bill Randall was a kick ass Navy meteorologist for the U.S. Sixth Fleet headquartered in Naples, Italy. Bill was proudly acknowledged for his “Timely weather forecasts; invaluable to both ship and staff. His calls were always right on the mark, and trusted Fleet Wide.” – Source

Depending on where he was in the Sixth Fleet command area, that is some tough weather to face and he probably saw some real downpours and storms.

In case WNCN needs a weekend weather dude, Bill has the impressive creds for it.

But Randall did have a role in providing some long distance combat support during his time in the Navy. When asked if his role in the Navy involved combat he said, “mostly non-combat, although as a member of the Commander, U.S. Sixth Fleet Staff (during Operation Desert Storm), we provided direct combat support to the U.S. and Allied forces engaged in tactical operations across the region (from the Eastern Mediterranean/Red Sea across the Middle East to the forces in Arabian (Persian) Gulf, Kuwait & Iraq.”

Life After the Navy

After leaving the military Randall served in a number of jobs. “Bill worked for the Department of Veterans Affairs at the Milwaukee VA Pension Center (2002 –2005), processing hundreds of benefits claims for veterans and their family members. Bill subsequently relocated and served on the staff of a local church in Pensacola, FL (May – Dec 2005), and then accepted a business opportunity as a Generalist with a major Management Consulting Firm (2006 – 2008).”

Randall is also an author and a Community Chaplain.- Source

The Wake Forest Gazette added details about his past experiences. Randall “has worked for the Veterans Administration, U.S. Census Bureau, and the George S. May International management consulting company.” – Source, Source

It looks like the “major management consulting firm Bill worked for was George S. May International Company. According to the Better Business Bureau the company closed down but not before people posted many online complaints about the company and business practices. Good thing he got out when he did.

And yet another source adds some more details about Bill’s past. Bill was a candidate for Kenosha (Wis.) County Board of Supervisors, 2004 and candidate for chairman of the NC Republican Party, 2009. – Source

We could not locate a single election Bill has won. Does he ever win an election? Randall epitomizes the little engine that could. Got to give him props for continuing to try to get elected to anything. One day Bill. One day.

But one often unmentioned fact about Randall is he is a clever wordsmith and an active contributor to The Washington Times, writing about Tea Party or Christian matters. We were surprised he didn’t mention that accomplishment on his campaign website.

Not in Wake Forest

Maybe most interesting is the fact the Randall for Mayor Committee is not even located in Wake Forest but on Brier Creek Parkway in Raleigh at what is possibly a UPS Store. How does that help the local economy?

Bill says this is because “at the time we sought to obtain a P.O. Box in Wake Forest, there was not a vacancy. For that reason, we opted to obtain a PO Box elsewhere.” Okay, but even if ALL the many postal stores were full in Wake Forest, the nearest one was in Brier Creek?

Bill Randall as Businessman

Bill is a Wake Forest business owner. He filed the assumed name certificate with Wake County in February of 2011 for his CBV Enterprises. – Source

His business website domain cbventerprises.com was just registered on May 21, 2013. He must have been using something else before that.

The five page CBV Enterprises website says the company is located at 1220 Fairview Club Drive, Wake Forest, NC. – Source

Since Bill appears to be all fired up to get elected and create jobs we felt compelled to reach out to Bill to find out how many local residents his Wake Forest company employees to see how well he’s been stimulating the local economy with jobs.

We asked, “CBV Enterprises has been referred to online as both a life coach and a business consultant. Which description best fits what you do there and how many employees do you have in Wake Forest? It looks like CBV is a sole-proprietorship, is that right?”

In response he said, “I am the sole proprietor. My services are comprehensive, professional and industry-specific. I stand behind my work, and I have 100% satisfied customers. Client testimonials do not include all past customers; only those who agree to have their names & business disclosed. Client testimonials can be found at the following link.”

Is it just us or did he completely bypass our question? So he appears to employee no others. Nobody is getting stimulated.

Bill is absolutely correct on being a non-registered LLC or corporation. A search of the North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State website could not locate any company under the name of Randall’s company, CBV Enterprises.

But Randall apparently only was just issued a Wake Forest business permit on October 15, 2013. He applied on October 10, 2013.

It appears Randall has lived in Wake Forest but in properties owned by other people. A logical explanation for all these different addresses in Wake Forest is that Randall rents property in Wake Forest and does not own any.

CBV Enterprises does not appear to be a member of the Wake Forest Chamber of Commerce or the Better Business Bureau. Not sure what his issue is about participating with them. If he wants to be mayor so bad and is pro-business then why not be a member of the Wake Forest Chamber of Commerce? – Source

Randall and Media Attention

Bill is not a stranger to media attention. It appears several publications perked up when they heard him speak about the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. According to Channel 14 Randall suggested a federal conspiracy in BP oil spill. Click here for more.

“Maybe they wanted it to leak, but then it got beyond what was anticipated and we had an explosion and loss of life,” Randall said. “Is there a cover up going on? I’m not saying there necessarily is. But I think that there are enough facts on the table for people who really need to do so to do some investigative research and find out what went on with that.” – Source

Randall was also allegedly dismayed that when his billboard for his last run for Congress was defaced with a painted KKK and a huge cock and balls, it received little media attention.

At the Wake Forest News we think painting KKK on anything is not in good taste. If anyone feels compelled to spray paint three letters on anything, may we suggest either AAA or BBB. And rather than a giant penis, then how about something in a Banksky motif.

The video below was created by Randall’s campaign to bring wanted attention to his uncovered cock problem. – Video Source

The video appears to have been uploaded by Randall or someone close to him under stealthman56 since the account contains apparent family videos as well.

The description added to the video said: “Conservative Congressional Candidate Bill Randall was the victim of a hate crime when one of his large campaign signs was graffitied with racist slogans. This parody is based on an ACTUAL INCIDENT that took place in early Oct 2011. Ironically, the location was less than 50 miles to the east of the infamous “Duke lacrosse” scandal, in which charges against that sports team were fabricated and unsubstantiated. Yet, in this incident (with obvious facts and evidence), the Liberal media has ignored the story because it does not fit the strawman template of rampant racism and bigotry in the Tea Party.” – Source, Source

There is racism and bigotry in the Tea Party? That’s news to us. Is there? Is the Tea party more or less racist or bigoted than the rest of society?

cock and balls

But when you look into the history of the event what you find is more outrage over the media not covering it than outrage someone sprayed KKK on his sign and poorly drew a large penis as well.

Just so nobody is confused, here at the Wake Forest News we feel it is not appropriate to deface anything with KKK or a giant penis. Not cool vandals, whoever you were.

Despite filing a report with the Wake County Sheriff’s Department on October 9, holding a press conference regarding the incident, issuing a press release, and having a local news report linked at the Breitbart.tv website, nobody in major media outlets in Raleigh have covered the story.

Randall specifically called out the Raleigh News & Observer, saying that a press release of the incident was sent to their offices, but that “they apparently had no interest in covering the story.”

He believes this is a clear case of liberal media bias, stating that, “all of their coverage of me has been slanted, negatively biased, or altogether false.”

But KKK on the billboard of a black conservative warrants no coverage?

Randall explains why he deserves respect, “I served honorably in the U.S. military for 27 years, and am willing to serve our nation once again in the U.S. Congress.”

He added, “I am not asking for favoritism, but I do ask for fair and equitable coverage of a horrible, disgraceful action that not only insulted me, but also the more than 92,000 constituents who cast their vote for me last Fall in the NC-13th Congressional District.” – Source

So the episode was such a horrible and disgraceful action that insulted Randall and his more than 92,000 constituents that he made a parody video about it where he constantly rubs a dry rag over and over on it?

Maybe it is just us but as tragic as the poorly drawn cock and balls was, was it news or exploited for political gain. Post your thoughts in the comments below.

Randall Sued Over Alleged Unpaid Campaign Bills

But Randall’s problems from his previous congressional runs appear to be lingering even after the giant dick was taken care of. Bill Randall was sued last month over alleged unpaid bills from his 2010 congressional race.

Copy of Randall Suit.
Copy of Randall Suit.
“In a complaint filed last month in N.Y. Supreme Court in Orange County, Media Vision Advertising Inc. seeks payment of $12,313, plus interest and fees, from Randall for advertising content and media strategy the company provided.

Randall dismissed the lawsuit as “bogus.”

“There’s no evidence that we owe them,” he said.

James Danella, CEO of Media Vision sees the situation differently, “Our attorney filed a suit against Bill Randall recently on our behalf.

He signed on with our agency to be his agency of record, representing him in a previous congressional race.

He didn’t pay for services rendered and we can prove it.

We gave him ample time and eventually sent him to collections. He evaded that over time as well.

We’ve had enough and are now suing him through our attorney.”

Randall’s campaign, “Randall for Congress,” entered into the contract with Media Vision, but he personally guaranteed payment, according to the lawsuit.”

What do you think?
What do you think?

“Todd Robinson, a lawyer for Media Vision, said that the company has sent bills to Randall during the past three years without success.

The complaint includes an invoice from August 2010 showing that the campaign had made some payments but others were outstanding at that time.” – Source

Randall allegedly told the Wake Forest Gazette the charges were unfounded. – Source

Todd Robinson, attorney for Media Vision said, “Obviously Bill Randall is embarrassed, and has to deny the validity of the suit, given his public positions on things like fiscal responsibility.

That said, the suit is filed and is not going to simply vanish because Mr. Randall would prefer it so. If Mr. Randall is truly of the opinion that this suit is bogus he should hire counsel and either answer the complaint or make a motion to dismiss it. To the best of my knowledge he has not yet done either.”

A copy of the suit can be found here.

One observation we had was the suit listed a previous home address for Randall so maybe he had not seen the suit. But when asked about this, Todd Robinson, attorney for Media Vision said Randall had been personally served.

We asked Bill Randall for a comment on the statements made James Danella, CEO of Media Vision. He was unable to comment but said he’d have a comment for us on this in a couple of days. Not quite sure what the cause of the delay is. We wanted his position on this matter to be heard.

When and/or if we receive his comment on the suit we will update this article with his response.

Update: The promised statement from Randall was never received.

Why So Partisan?

The one issue that stood out to us is in a non-partisan race for mayor, why is Randall being so partisan? It’s just our simple opinion but it does not feel very inclusive to all residents. What about those that like coffee and not tea?

This is despite Randall’s statement, “Bill is not a party partisan politician who brokers secret deals behind smoke filled rooms. Bill Randall recognizes that Wake Forest residents are not Republicans, Democrats or Independents: they are ALL OF THE ABOVE, and their common desire is that government remains: of the People, by the People and for the People.”

So again, if that’s the case, what’s with the heavy Tea Party presence?

In fact Randall’s “Randall for Mayor” website donation and volunteer pages are hosted on YourPatriot.com and the ownership for his campaign site is now hidden and registered to some entity in Bulgaria. Prior to the domain ownership being protected the domain was registered to David Bissette of Wake Forest, and not Randall.

But even as apparent as Randall’s political affiliation is today, it is toned down a bit from his 2009 pray4ncgop.com website where he said, “As Conservatives, we have allowed liberals and political pundits besmirch our integrity and impugn our motives. By so doing, THEY have redefined the terms “Conservative” and “Republican.” As a result, our youth are embarrassed and disillusioned about how the party is portrayed, and many have resigned to “going with the flow.” Others are motivated by FEAR, because they suspect that their jobs/careers may be lost if they become a registered Republican. If this is going on, it is patently criminal …and it must change: NOW!” – Source

And Bill’s mayoral website leads with race and conservatism rather than a non-partisan message.

Why Lead With This?
Why Lead With This?

At the end of all of this we could not help but come away with the following observation, what specifically does Bill want to improve in Wake Forest as Mayor? What is his detailed plan?

Put all the Tea Party stuff aside, what is his specific vision for programs and services to implement or cut in his vision of a future Wake Forest?

What he appears to offer up now are general ideas about a more responsive, less expensive, fewer Town employees, more liberty, pro-business government but what about fixing potholes?

He even admits Wake Forest is already clean and safe under Mayor Jones and just wants to keep that going.

“As Mayor of Wake Forest, I will continue to exemplify integrity, purpose and dedication that you will be proud of. I will also be in tune with what your concerns are by engaging Wake Forest residents in regular Town Hall meetings, online webinars, a variety of social media, and making my way around the community (businesses, neighborhoods, churches, and social gathering places) each week to keep in touch with the pulse of Wake Forest.”

Long on generalities, short on specifics. Do we really need a webinar and be talked at?

Maybe Bill should run for one of the Town Commissioner positions first to get his hands in the middle of Town business and specific matters. That would be interesting to watch and give him a local track record to run on.

Vivian Jones

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 4.53.38 PM

Vivvy the height challenged grandmother Mayor, has been the longest serving Mayor of Wake Forest.

It seems people liked her for a lot of years since she first ran for mayor in 1999. We are actually a bit concerned that if she is not elected again she will just keep driving to city hall out of habit, at least for a year or so. “What am I doing here,” she’ll say.

“Oh Viv.”

Jones seems to share some of the fiscal conservative goals as Randall, “We have an AAA bond rating due to our fiscally conservative approach to revenue projections, debt management, staffing, and operating cost containment,” she says. – Source

But the Wake Forest 2013-2014 budget document has us really freaked out.

“Locally, we are seeing an increase in construction, both residentially and commercially. Revenues from sales taxes are rising. But before we take out the hats and hooters to party, we must remain cautious.,” said Town Manager Mark Williams. – Source

Yea, let’s remain cautious before taking out our hooters to party. But for the record, if Mark invites us to one of his parties, we are going to have to go to watch what happens.

Wake Forest Hooters.
The Wake Forest Hooters We Hope They Were Talking About. Hold On, We’ll Get Our Hat.

According to the latest budget document from the Town, as of June 30, 2012 the Town took in more than a million dollars more than they spent. Did we read that wrong? That’s good, right?

Jones has lived in Wake Forest since 1981. “Before opening my restaurant in 1991 called Jovi’s Cafe & Catering and Jovi’s Kitchen and Market. I worked for Variety Wholesalers for nearly 10 years. I now consider myself retired. I am a member of St. John’s Episcopal Church, former member Wake Forest Woman’s Club, former board member of Downtown Revitalization Corporation. I was also a town commissioner before being elected mayor in 1999.”

There isn’t much reason to chase down Where Jones has been since 1999, she’s been at Town Hall.

One apparent weakness of Jones is her inability to Tweet. It looks like there have only been six Tweets she’s sent out. She’s probably tied the record of the Queen of England, who she might vaguely resemble. Just sayin’. She’s been much busier on her Facebook page.

Vivvy’s been around Wake Forest politics so long there is a long track record of similar but different hair styles.

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