The Wrath of Traffic – Rogers / Forestville

This afternoon around 3 pm two unfortunate Wake Forest drivers became suddenly introduced at the intersection of Rogers Road and Forestville Road.

You can hear the emergency call below that was dispatched.

We will have to wait a couple of days for the official accident report but from the look of it the white car said a big “how do you do” to the other car surrounded by emergency responders.

EMS plops driver of Accord on trolley. Firefighter supervises.
EMS plops driver of Accord on pretty yellow trolley. Firefighter supervises. “Don’t get up. I’m watching you.”

You can see the ten feet of skid marks before what appeared to be the impact point. Wake Forest Fire Department Engine 3, that we toured here, did a fine job blocking traffic. Of course they had a front row view as we almost slid into the ditch after taking the picture below.

The ditch is a bitch.
That ditch is a bitch.

Hat tip goes out to the Wake County EMS 33 and the Wake Forest Police Department for a well coordinated response to yet another rear ender.

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