The mayoral race in Wake Forest is on our mind today. Actually it’s been on our mind for the past couple of days as we spent a lot of hours researching and writing about the candidates Bill Randall and Vivian Jones, here, and here.

You know all those political signs people post on the roadways and then leave after the election is over.

Well this one caught our eye this morning on Capital Blvd.

Hint: It's NOT Wakeforest.
Hint: It’s NOT Wakeforest.

And once we spotted this sign, we now see them everywhere up and down our section of Capital Blvd. It’s a damn eyeworm (like an earworm).

But seriously, if you are running for mayor, shouldn’t you at least get the name of the town right? That’s just plain embarrassing. We suck at catching typos and even we are embarrassed.

Dude, it’s Wake Forest, not Wakeforest. Did nobody catch that before placing them all over? Rhetorical question, apparently not.

We wonder how much traffic racing up and down and passing through on US 1 is just laughing about us in Wake Forest when a candidate for mayor can’t even get the name of the town right?

We know we can’t cast a stone over typos but even as horrible as we are at missing things, we would have caught that one.

William (Bill) Randall is running on a Tea Party platform of cutting out waste and eliminating things that are not necessary. Maybe what he’s doing with the signs is a clever taste of cuts to come.

That space was unnecessary in the Town name and costing Town employees an extra space bar tap as they worked. Randall claims to be a professional business coach so maybe he just did an efficiency study and found that by making the Town name one word instead of two we could save $28.43 a year? What’s next, TOWNOFWAKEFOREST?

Vote for Randall, Cut Out Spaces

Last time Bill Randall ran for office he was trying to get elected to the House of Representatives in Washington. In that race he was outraged over the giant penis and KKK someone drew on one of his signs. Want to know more about that, it’s over here.

Randall's Balls and KKK.
Randall’s Balls and KKK. (Randall on right.)

This time his sign problems were self-inflicted. Randall and political signs just don’t play well together.

Randall was very critical last time when the “liberal” media would not cover his giant KKK cock and balls defacing. He allegedly sent out at least one press release, maybe more, trying to get media coverage of the hate crime. We wonder how many media outlets he’s going to contact this time to try to get the “conservative” media to cover his typo.

But this time it will be easier to catch the perpetrator, his name is on the sign.

In closing, let us refresh your memory.

Hint: It's NOT Wakeforest.
WTF [Insert sound of shaking head.]

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  1. While I appreciate y’all’s take on things in the Wake Forest area…the Bill Randall slam pieces you have run recently are not your best work. Don’t care about the politics but so far I have only seen two pieces and both are trashing Randall. I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve it but this is ridiculous. All the letters on his sign are the same size and capitalized. To give someone crap over the lack of space between the words “Wake” and “Forest” is a bit petty. Just my opinion.

    • No problem. And we certainly don’t want anyone to feel as if we are slamming or trashing Bill. We just followed the research and reported our findings.

      If you’ve spotted any errors or information we’ve reported that is inaccurate or incorrect, PLEASE LET US KNOW. If you have something positive you feel we missed, please let us know as well.

      As far as getting the name of the Town wrong, in our opinion that’s just embarrassing. But maybe BILLRANDALL doesn’t mind.

      • I see your point but perhaps the size of the font prevented the space from being placed. Again, I hold someone’s character more important than the font and spacing on a sign that will just end up in a land fill. Perhaps the signs were non refundable…I see a larger issue with throwing them out over such a small “error”.

        • You see how even if the signs were non-refundable it creates a problem. Either the order was placed wrong without attention to detail or they were printed wrong, in which case the printer would have most likely reprinted them at no charge. Or, the signs were ordered with the Town name wrong and nobody cared or noticed on the campaign.

          If the font prevents spelling the Town name correctly, you pick a smaller font.

          By the way, so you could not find any errors in our reporting then on all the other issues?

    • So, either use upper & lower case letters, reduce the kerning, change the font or reduce the letter height so that you actually spell the town name correctly….FAIL on everyone’s part, just my opinion.

  2. With all respect to anyone who feels that this is a bit petty, I disagree. Our town is called Wake Forest, to call it anything else is lazy, ignorant and yes, a sign of disrespect. Bill Randall is, as the recent articles about him have pointed out, woefully ignorant about our lovely town and one cannot help but wonder just what he is hoping to accomplish by running for mayor when he cannot even be bothered to write out the town’s name in its entirety. Can you imagine if this were to happen on a national scale? Say, ‘Randall for governor Northcarolina’. Yup, that’d go over really well I’m sure.

  3. So glad I live in a town where this trivial bit of nothing makes “news”. I’m sure there are much more important and interesting stories to write. Go out, be a journalist and find them.

    • Mayoral candidate screws up Town name is a great story for a publication where half the news is fit to print.

    • Just funny how easy it is to pick them out.. Kind of gives you perspective on some of your neighbors huh?? It is really uncanny how they all seem to find roles in the media where you can write about the things you can’t do. There are no journalist any longer, just talking mouthpieces.

  4. This guy’s campaign is full of fail and I don’t mind one bit any news organization (even if ALL their news was fit to print) calling him out for it. When you run for office you are subject to all kinds of scrutiny. Get your stuff straight or don’t hold yourself out for public service. especially not to be the face of an entire town.

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