Mayoral Candidate Calls Us Hacks

You know when a mayoral candidate calls us hacks, our initial knee-jerk response is “yes, yes we are.” But that’s because we are a newspaper where our slogan is “where half the news is fit to print.”

Recently we published what was supposed to be a fun a light look at the two candidates for mayor in Wake Forest. See our article, Wake Forest Mayoral Race, Quirky and Interesting.

Bill Randall, one of the candidates, was the relatively unknown person, never having run for Town office here of any kind before. But as we wrote the piece he appeared to have a number of events which just flat out begged us to explore further. It became the Bermuda Triangle of “get to know you” articles.

Seriously, how can you not look further into an alleged lawsuit over unpaid campaign bills by a fiscal conservative candidate? Or how about a pro-business candidate who didn’t get a local Wake Forest business license till five days before the article? That’s Daily Show stuff.

You know The Daily Show, the popular satirical television show that pokes fun at the news. In fact they just did a story and interviewed a NC GOP executive committee member about voter suppression. That’s the party Randall ran to be the leader of, and lost.

Randall’s Response

But Randall has now posted his response on Facebook to our article.

Randall Facebook

Randall says “I’m saddened and disappointed by the absolute hack job you guys did on me.”

So here is the irony, Randall decided to respond on Facebook when he knew how to reach us by email since we had repeatedly traded emails before the story.

But maybe Randall’s email completely broke down because he never sent us his promised statement about the lawsuit against him for unpaid campaign bills. Yes, we must have been the fools because when he said, “I will strive to have an answer for you by Tuesday AM” we neglected to clarify what year and which Tuesday. Like idiots we assumed it to be the coming Tuesday, a couple of days away.

The recent events seem to serve to identify a difference between the candidates. Current Mayor “Grandma” Jones was extremely responsive when Randall fired a shot across her bow saying the Town was not responsive to its citizens.

We took the allegations by Randall to Mayor Jones and got an immediate response and lengthy statement. See our story, Wake Forest Mayor Jones, Not Responsive? Let Them Eat Cake.

We took the allegations of a lawsuit for unpaid campaign bills to Randall and eight days have passed since then and have still not received the promised response. If we had been stranded on a liferaft waiting for him to send food we’d probably be dead by now.

So if anyone wants to call us hacks, we’ll gladly own that title.

But in an apparent effort to not be out humored by the Wake Forest News, a big hat tip goes to Randall for beating us at our own game when he spelled the Town name wrong on all of his campaign posters.

Hint: It's NOT Wakeforest.
Hint: It’s NOT Wakeforest.

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  1. Love Love Love you guys. Keep it coming, the 1/2 you see fit to print really is……

  2. where is that post on your facebook wall? I don’t see it.

  3. I’m sure they knew the name was spelled wrong but figured their tea party base wouldn’t recognize the issue due to their literacy challenges.

  4. Hell, ask Randall about his latest Facebook rant where he gives high 5’s to GW Bush for removing Nelson Mandela ( may he Rest In Peace) from a terror watch list. Randall forgot to mention that particular peice of legislation was introduced by a Democrat, co sponsored by 6 other Democrats. He also forgot to mention ( which I suspect intentionally) that Bush’s VP ( yeah, Cheney) voted against any removal when he was a Congressman, or that Reagan also opposed it. How damn convenient Bill!

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