Randall Mayor Wakeforest Litter

We have to give a big hat tip to all the political candidates in the recent Wake Forest election. A vote for most entertaining candidate goes to Bill Randall and his campaign signs which we covered in RANDALL MAYOR WAKEFOREST – Fail.

Now that all the voting is over we’d like to sincerely thank almost all the Wake Forest candidates who promptly removed their campaign signs from area roads after November 5th. That is except for “Randall Mayor Wakeforest.”

It’s been a week since the election and Bill’s signs are the only ones still littering the roadways. Maybe he took a much needed vacation following his defeat and has not been around to pickup his trash.

Apparently it was only Randall for Mayor and not Randall for Picking Up His Damn Signs.
Apparently it was only Randall for Mayor and not Randall for Picking Up His Damn Signs After He Lost (randallforpickinguphisdamnsignsafterhelost.com).

Now while Randall may technically have 15 days from the election to remove his signs, all the other candidates jumped straight on it and responsibly picked up after themselves.

Hey Bill, don’t leave your trash as the last taste in our mouth. Please pickup and dispose of your signs so they stop reminding us you lost and you can’t spell the name of the Town correctly.

But you know how we covered the lawsuit against Bill for past campaign debts, well in an ultimate irony it appears if candidates do not remove their political signs within the allotted time they can be billed for their removal and disposal. That’s the last thing Randall needs.

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