Rent-A-Center is Wake Forest Press Release Challenged

A local Rent-A-Center store has opened in Wake Forest at 11216 Capital Boulevard, Suite 102. For those now familiar with Rent-A-Center (RAC) it’s a place you can go rent to own stuff you probably don’t need anyway. But hey, anything that supports the local economy we can mostly support.

So the premise of the story is RAC came to town, opened a store, wanted to show some good will and gave $1,000 to Richland Creek Community Church.

We think every church in town deserves $1,000 as an intro but then again that’s our sorry opinion.

For all the other churches in town, we think you should take the diss personally.

But Here is the Good Part

RAC came to town, donated to a church, and wants to get going but totally blew it in their nationwide press release to announce the new Wake Forest store.

Oh let us quote from it, “Rent-A-Center Manager David Elkin and his four-person sales team are pleased to offer residents of Mattapan an additional option when it comes to acquiring ownership of high-quality furniture, appliances, electronics and computers.” – Source

How much is it for high-quality press releases and where the hell is Mattapan?

Maybe next time they can be so pleased to be here they could actually care about getting the town name right. Hum, reminds me of another such incident.

So we went off hunting for Mattapan in North Carolina. Who knows, maybe it is some place nearby. Nope, it looks like it is in Massachusetts.

So if the residents of Mattapan get the good shit, what do we get?

All we know for sure is that Wake Forest sales team is going to have a hell of a commute.

[googlemap src=”,Mattapan,+Boston,+MA&gl=us&ei=15OGUrbuLLWs4AO3xIGQCg&ved=0CLMBELYD” ]

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