Caption Contest – Post Your Suggested Caption to THIS!

Thanks to a wonderful reader we were tipped off about the lonely ottoman left by the train tracks downtown. The picture was so sad it just called out for a community effort to give this orphaned ottoman a decent caption.

We accidentally played the Sarah McLaughlin song below while we looked at the picture and wound up crying like a baby. Don’t do it! You’ve been warned.

A fund will be setup soon to help the ottoman to reconnect with it’s parental couch and chair. An exhaustive search will be required to help it find it’s biological parent(s) but we are in for the challenge. Donations of cushion change will be collected.

Rumor has it Daddy is doing time in Wake Forest EMS Station 10 but that remains unconfirmed.

Please post your comments down below in the comment area. Sticking a Post-It note on your screen will not work this time.


Awesome reader KM sent in another picture of the lone ottoman but this time with a train. Almost feels like we need to start a photo contest over this. Who can send in the best picture of this thing?

Photo entry by KM.
Photo entry by KM.

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