Use a Coach to Get Out of Debt

Have you tried to lose weight before? What methods did you try? Most people “go on a diet”. They count their calories and limit their sugar and fat intake. Some people swear by eating all fats and no carbohydrates, others go heavy on protein. There are as many diets out there as there are people on them! And 95% fail to keep the weight off according to major studies.

Others hit the gym to lift weights and get some cardio work in. A New Year’s resolution to get in shape and lose weight. Yet by now, most everyone who made that resolution has stopped. Lines at exercise machines are three deep on January 10th and the machines are empty on February 10th!

A study was funded by the National Institutes of Health in 2012 and reported by the American Council on Exercise ( which compared the weight loss results of people who used a health coach versus people who did not. The people who worked with a health coach lost more weight than those who did not work with a coach.

What do you think? Have you found it to be easier to get to the gym because you were paying for a trainer? Easier to stay on a diet when you used a calorie counter app on your smart phone?

The interesting part of the story was what a health coach was defined as. A health coach did more than just tell the client to exercise more and eat less. The coaches taught principles of behavior modification to help their clients stay on track towards their goals. They helped their clients bust through psychological barriers so these weight changes would remain permanent.

Let’s change the topic from weight loss to getting out of debt. Have you tried to go “cold turkey” on your spending? How long did you last before it became too tough and you just gave up?

Getting out of debt is just like losing weight. There are thousands of books out there and dozens of courses that all have “the secret”. But there are no secrets. Weight loss occurs when you consume fewer calories than your burn. And you get out of debt when you spend less money than you earn.

Just like losing weight, a debt coach can help you to become debt free. A debt coach not only knows how to help you create a budget (which is probably 20% of the issue), but he also knows how to help you change your beliefs about yourself to help you stay on track when life gets tough.

Your self identity will support your plan or sabotage your plan. A debt coach will help you to develop a saver’s identity.

Your values about money will result in your choices to save money or spend it. A debt coach will help you to develop values that encourage you to choose to save some money and not spend it all.

You will face obstacles from your outside world and from inside your head. A debt coach will help you to fight through these obstacles, especially through the use of accountability. When you know your debt coach will ask if you made that $ 100 credit card payment like you planned, it makes it easier for you to not spend $ 50 of it at dinner.

If your health coach was obese, would you follow his advice? Heck no! You want a health coach who is in shape; an authority in being healthy. Likewise your debt coach needs to be someone who is 100% debt free, including having his mortgage paid off. You want help from someone who has “walked the walk”, not just “talks the talk”.

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