Wake Forest Water in the Air Screams Look at Me

Was over at the Post Office on E. Holding Avenue this afternoon to see if the promised pothole patches had been completed. They have. No need to risk your front end alignment anymore to send a package.

Only time will tell how long these patches will last but for now, they are now more griddle holes than pot holes.

But in just looking around nearby we saw this different view of Wake Forest and had to share it with you. It is taken from the Deacon Ridge subdivision on East Holding Avenue and looking back up the hill towards the Post Office.

The view just makes the water tower we normally don’t so poignantly see, scream “Look at Me!”


Can you tell it just feels like a slow Saturday in Wake Forest? This is the best we’ve got so far. Even the vehicle fire we just went to turned out to just be a busted radiator hose.

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