Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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E. Juniper Ave Roadwork

Sometimes we do the strangest things. Take Sunday for example. Don’t know why but just felt E. Juniper Ave was going to be a much different road in the not too distant future so we decided to simply document the road as it stands today with all the roadwork going on.

Maybe one day it will make sense why we felt this was important to do but right now, not so much.

In case you came here looking for something with a deeper meaning in life, we hate to disappoint. But since we’ve already ruined the moment with the roadwork video please allow us to continue with the video below.

Yes, that is someone doing a burnout on a motorcycle in their kitchen. The video below help us to feel significantly less dumb for doing our video above. Of course doing about anything other than a burnout on a motorcycle in your kitchen is smarter.

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