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Wake Forest Resident Coming Home for Second Chance

Wake Forest, NC resident Charlie Height is coming home says the The Virginian-Pilot. Height has been incarcerated in a Virginia facility, Chesapeake Correctional Center, after his arrest in January related to a 2010 cocaine possession.

He’s hesitant about how life will go once he gets home but he’s working hard for a second chance.

Charlie says, “he’s ready for whatever is thrown at him when he leaves the Chesapeake Correctional Center on Monday and goes home to Wake Forest, N.C.” He credits an intensive jail reentry program for giving him hope for a new life.

“I’m scared to start over,” Height said. “But what I’ve gotten out of this program, I know what I need to do now.”

The program preparing low-risk inmates to rejoin society ended in mid-October. During the 10-week session, about 30 volunteers from various fields came in to teach inmates on topics ranging from family life to education to resume-building.

Height, 40, admits he was skeptical when he was selected for the re-entry program. Sitting in the main jail wasn’t helping.

“I hated the world and hated myself,” he said.

The re-entry program changed that. Substance-abuse counselors visited. They provided compassion that Height wasn’t used to.

He doesn’t have a guaranteed job in Wake Forest. But he’s found programs for addicts and vows he’ll go.

“It’s time to break the cycle,” he said.

If you happen to see Charlie around town after he returns, maybe give him a pat on the back and congratulate him for working towards a better future. That’s a story of hope we can get behind.

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