Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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For All Your Camouflage Ladder Needs

We spotted these ladders at Lowe’s this morning. Not sure if there is going to be a run on these or not. But in case you had a your holiday wishes set on being the first family on the block to own a camouflage ladder, they’ve got them.

Now we get the attraction of camouflage for those who love to live in the outdoors, but you do realize the steps are a shinny aluminum, right?

It seems the most likely future of this ladder is either to go with all things camouflage in your shed, or get lost in the woods after a beer run.

We anticipate the most expected phrase to be heard when the ladder is lost by blending in will be, “Now where did I put that damn camouflage little ladder again?” And if that phrase is uttered in your family room, here is a styling tip, go with a bright orange couch to break things up.

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