Need to Smile? Head to the Wake Forest Cemetery.

Heading off to the cemetery seems like the opposite of a good time. But it can put a smile on your face if you know what to look for.

Our little Wake Forest Cemetery at 400 N. White Street, has a lot to offer in the way of entertainment if you can look around.

Wake Forest Cemetery

For a Good Time, Look for the Fun Headstones

There are many historic people buried in the cemetery but rather than get bogged down in a boring history lesson, let’s look for the headstones that can bring you some joy. Take this one for example.

Apparently as a town we are exceedingly hospitable when it comes to leaving the light on for strangers. We even have a headstone for a guest.


For those of us who wonder why we just walked into the kitchen and where our memory went, it’s buried right here in the Wake Forest Cemetery.


While there might be a bunch of rednecks around our area, the cemetery has a big crop of Hicks laying there. A very flowery people.


But that’s not all we’ve got. Some of the more unusual and fun names include a whole host of others.

We’ve got Chrispy.


Darrice has a nice smile.


How about Turpie.


And Snapper.


Dinky, who is apparently one in a million. Can’t think of any other Dinky’s we’ve known so that’s probably a factual statement.


And Juicy.


Then there is Rufus, the minister.




And a Big Baby.


Then there is mention of Boo Boo and Pecan.


And an Unc.


We’ve got a Sister.


And a Buddy.


But then we’ve got a Buddy and Sis.


How about Daddy Duck.


But the most unusual headstone has to go to Graham Patrick Johnson. It is very artsy and has a “2001: A Space Odyssey” feeling. So very cool.


Here at the Wake Forest News we are very grateful to the individuals and families that made this story possible. Thank you for making us smile.

Want a Real History Lesson?

The Town of Wake Forest put out this fantastic guide to many buried in the cemetery. Chasing down all of these will take a picnic and a potty break but it’s well worth the fun. Read the guide here.

If you take us up on the challenge to go hunt these down and find some we missed, please send them into us here.

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